Fertility blend for men and women

Couples who are wishing to find ways to boost fertility are resorting to the use of fertility blends. But exactly what is this so-called miracle cure and how does one take it?

Typically, there are many reasons for having difficulty in conceiving. However, no matter what the causes of fertility problems, one can’t deny the benefits of taking additional supplements loaded with vitamins and minerals. In this case, the fertility blend works exactly in that way.

How The Fertility Blend Works

The strategy behind the fertility blend is making use of all-natural and safe ingredients from different kinds of food in order to make one positive impact on the woman – and that is to increase fertility. By doing so, this eliminates the need for surgical procedures and fertility drugs that can do more harm when not performed procedurally.

What you eat may also have an effect on why you may find trouble in conceiving easily. The fertility blend provides a healthier alternative to this.

How To Make Your Own Fertility Vitamins Blend

Essentially, the fertility blend is about making the right food choices. For example, since iron is badly needed in a woman who plans to conceive, she should eat more foods that are rich in iron. These include shellfish and salmon.

Choose organic fruits and vegetables over processed foods. Organic foods are best because they are free from pesticides. Freshness also matters; the fresher the food, the better.

Try to consume at least five different kinds of fruits and vegetables daily. When preparing them, steam or grill the vegetables rather than boiling or frying. This preserves their nutritional value.

Avoid highly processed foods and those that have high sugar content. These empty carbs can be piled up as fats because not all of them are burned down. Processed foods may contain harmful chemicals and toxins that can produce free radicals. These free radicals can dramatically change the composition of healthy cells – and yes – that includes your egg cells.

Apart from foods to eat, there are also foods to avoid. One such example is alcohol. Alcohol does not do anything substantial to the body, and may cause accumulation of toxins in the long run. In this case, intake of alcohol should be limited, if not, avoided. Birth defects are also associated with alcohol use.

Studies done on the effects of soy and soybeans have revealed that there are certain properties of soy that can inhibit fertility.

Caffeine in coffee and tea need to be avoided as well. Although studies regarding its effects on fertility are contrasting, it pays to play safe and cut back on your consumption.

Always make sure that the food you eat is properly cooked. By this we mean no raw or undercooked meat, fish, or cheeses. Eating these items raw can put you at risk for salmonella, listeria, or other food-borne bacteria. Fish which are known to be high in mercury content need to be avoided as well. These are swordfish, tilefish, shark, or king mackerel. Mercury can damage the health of a developing fetus.

Taking The Supplement Pills

Apart from these natural methods of coming up with your own fertility blend, there are pharmaceutical companies that have formulated their own unique formula for this purpose. Although there are many different brands, they all have something in common – and this is to get the elements from natural food source and combine them into one supplemental tablet.

These supplements uses the exact ingredients needed to promote pregnancy. They may contain vitex or chasteberry, amino acids, L-arginine, folic acid, vitamin B6, B12, iron, and more.

Reviews from these products are mostly positive. More and more women are seeking its benefits, as the tablets prove to be economical and beneficial.

Because you are hoping to get pregnant soon, it pays to prepare for this big life change by eating right. Start with your own fertility blend and you’re soon on your way to motherhood