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When you’re getting ready for your first appointment with your fertility doctor or reproductive endocrinologist, it’s important to learn as much as possible about steps you can take to promote fertility, treatment options, and resources. Some of the most important questions to ask include:

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  • What causes infertility?

    Infertility can be caused by a number of factors that could be related to either the male or the female. It is a common mis-conception that females factors contribute to the majority if infertility problems. But in fact statistics show that the number of male and female factors are almost similar. You can read more about the causes of infertility here.


    What tests will you use to make a diagnosis?

    Doctors may use a variety of tests, from blood tests to ultrasound imaging and much more. Ideally, the doctor should test both partners - even if there is already one known or suspected cause of infertility. You’ll be most prepared if you understand the reasons for the testing.

    What are some possible treatments based on my diagnosis?

    If you already have a diagnosis, your doctor may recommend a course of treatment. Even if the culprit hasn’t yet been identified, you can start learning about your treatment options, which may range from medication to in vitro fertilization. Learning early will give you and your partner plenty of time to discuss which treatments you’re willing to try, and for how long.

    What are the success rates of the treatment you're recommending?

    Fertility treatment is usually an emotionally, financially, and physically difficult process. You want to go in knowing what your chance of success is with each cycle, as well as overall, but with the realization that success rates vary from couple to couple, depending on ages and diagnosis.

    How much of what you're recommending does health insurance typically cover?

    t’s rare for insurance to cover treatments like IVF, but your insurance might cover tests to diagnose infertility and certain types of treatment. Your doctor will be familiar with what most of his or her patients are able to get covered.

    Can you connect me with other couples who are undergoing the same treatment?

    Community support is essential during the treatment of fertility, and the people already in your social circle may not have any experience coping with infertility. You may be able to get acquainted with other couples in your situation, for example by joining a support group.

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