In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success Rates

When choosing an IVF program patients should pay careful attention to IVF success rates. Our fertility and IVF clinic consistently enjoy good IVF success rates among the national averages. Most reputable fertility clinics post their IVF success on their Web sites, and if they don’t have a Net presence, the office staff can usually provide the information. Additionally, our Louisiana Donor Egg Program is available for women who cannot use their own eggs.

National IVF success rates are collected and tabulated by the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Centers for disease control. Please visit the Center for Disease Control Web site for the latest IVF statistics.

As women age, their eggs naturally loose their capacity to fertilize and develop into normal embryos. This is the reason for the decline in success rates for the various age groups and many IVF programs will not admit women over 42. We encourage older women to enter our donor egg program, however, they can still opt to use their own eggs