What to Expect After Embryo Transfer

Both the Medrol and the tetracycline are discontinued shortly after the transfer. At this point, couples face the biggest challenge of their IVF procedure cycle, that is to retain their sanity during the 9-11 day wait before the pregnancy test when, after two weeks of constant activity, monitoring and feedback, they are asked to just about nothing to effect the outcome that they so eagerly await. It bears repeating that there is nothing that can be done during this interval that will adversely affect the outcome of the cycle. We have few recommendations for patients in the interval after transfer. It seems prudent to avoid extremes of heat, whether through vigorous exercise, or through saunas, Jacuzzis or steam. It’s appropriate to refrain from alcohol and not to decide to take up smoking or drug use. Embryos that are destined to survive and turn into a good pregnancy are hardy. The course cannot be altered by something going on anatomically miles away from the inside of the uterus.

In advance, the trials and tribulations of the interval from the HCG injection through the pregnancy test seem daunting. We are constantly impressed however by the resilience, calm, and good humor that patients demonstrate during this trying period.