Australian couple travel abroad for selecting the gender of their baby

With the concept of gender selection gaining pace around the world, some couples in certain countries are feeling left behind for being unable to undertake the treatment. Why? Because in some countries, the concept of sex selection is relatively new and the governments, such as those in Australia have decided not to allow local couples access to the treatment. In other words, Gender selection in Australia is currently an illegal concept. This leaves couples wanting to choose sex selection to balance their family having to travel abroad to undertake the treatment.

One such couple recently being reported in the news was the Cornwills. This family is a typical example of why people choose to try the sex selection procedure for family balancing. The family is made of 3 children, all of whom are boys and the couple were driven to conceive a girl for their next child. Their desire to have a girl as their next child was so strong that they decided to fly to the United States to undergo the treatment to select the sex of their baby.

Their reasoning for the next child was pretty clear. They said that after successfully having 3 boys, their obvious desire for their circumstance was a girl. Having attempted the various natural procedures to try to conceive a girl and failed, the writing was on the wall for them to try something that was more guaranteed. They opted for the medical choice since the old wives treatments turned out to be just that; old wives tales.

However, the choice of medical intervention in their home country of Australia was unfortunately not available to them since this treatment is illegal in the country.  This meant making a long journey to the US to try PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) Gender Selection with IVF to conceive a girl with a virtual guarantee. And the long travel definitely ended up as being a worthwhile trip. After the treatment, the couple was fortunate to see the birth of their first daughter.  And this came after many years of being disappointed with un-successful results when trying other methods.

The birth did not just affect the mother and the father; whose dream of seeing a daughter being married and a mum’s relationship flourishing was realised. In the family’s eyes, the brothers could also enjoy a relationship with a sister that they never had.

Although the PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) is available in Australia for detecting and stopping genetically related diseases in new-borns, the use of the procedure for sex selection is prohibited. Having spent $50,000 in the successful birth of a girl, the couple stated that it would be good to give Australians the choice of choosing the sex of their children if they wanted, like they did. The mother started that although some may not be comfortable with the concept, there are those who have strong desire to balance their family, and for such people, she said, the treatment should be available.

The United States is not the only country that legally allows use of IVF/ PGD for the purpose of selecting a baby’s gender. There are also other countries that allow the treatment to be legally used. For example in countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE in general, the practice of selecting the gender of a baby is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, clinics in these countries are seeing a marked increase in the number of people seeking the procedure. The main requirements that the UAE imposes is that the embryos which are not used are not kept and have to be destroyed when the mother successfully has a child she wants. This is the main stipulation in this region.

Other than the US and UAE, some European countries also take on patients for IVF/PGD. Again, like other countries, clinics here are also seeing more and more people opt for selecting the gender of their children. The main driving forces behind the rise appear to be the fact that more and more people are learning about the high accuracy of the treatment.